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Runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


EasyNoter offers probably most of the functionality you'll ever need packed in stylish and most of all, user friendly interface. Not only does it look good, it's very practical and easy to use as a paper day timer. It will help you organize your notes and addresses, keep diary, use reminder function and organize photographs within built in Photo Album. Full text search capabilities make notes retrieval a breeze while web and e-mail connectivity makes them even more useful.

EasyNoter Cover Page"Still Haven't found that personal information manager (PIM) software that will work with you instead of against you? EasyNoter is a straight-forward easy-to-use PIM with all the power and flexibility you'll probably ever need...", "For the flexible ease of use, the new powerful features, and the empowerment you'll receive, it's well worth the investment."

Preston Gralla
Executive Editor
ZDNet's AnchorDesk



New in EasyNoter 4

- EasyNoter 4 code is completely rewritten. While this may not be obvious at a first glance, EasyNoter code is completely rewritten and modernized to work better with latest releases of Windows OS.

EasyNoter Screen Size Modes

- Resize EasyNoter to fit your needs the best. Unlike Earlier versions that worked only in two modes, EasyNoter 4 can be used in up to 6 screen dimensions (depending on your display resolution): 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1200x900, 1600x1200 and Full Screen mode, or you can stretch it to fit any custom dimension larger than 640x480.

- Run and use EasyNoter directly from USB key or memory card.
Carry EasyNoter around in your pocket and enter notes on any computer without the need to install or save any data to that computer. To use this functionality simply install EasyNoter to USB key or memory card and use it from there. Make sure to check EasyNoter Help section for more information and warnings about potential problems using this setup!

- Use Cloud to sync EasyNoter to multiple computers.
Cloud setup (using services like Google Drive, Dropbox or similar) can automatically sync your EasyNoter data from your work to home computer or laptop. Simply install EasyNoter to a LOCAL folder that you're syncing over to the cloud. EasyNoter data will always sync to all linked computers as long as your Cloud control software is running and connected to Internet. Technically, this will install EasyNoter to multiple computers but you're not breaching the license as long as you're the only one using this particular Cloud setup. Having said that, single license is sufficient even if you'll be accessing your EasyNoter on several computers, one at a time.

EasyNoter Quick Launch Icons

- Add your own programs and icons to Quick Launch. As of EasyNoter 4 you can customize not only default Quick Launch links but also associated program icons which makes it easier to work with.



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